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Education Courses
Education Courses

The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization provides equine health care education and training for horse owners, trainers, hoof care providers, & veterinarians. As more new information becomes available, and practical application protocols are developed, there is a widespread need to offer opportunities for horse owners and equine professionals to have access to this information. The education programs that are developed by the organization have been set up to accommodate the various levels of hoof and horse care involvement. Whether that need is to service the practical management requirements of the horse’s owner and trainer, or the regular hoof maintenance and lameness prevention tasks charged to the hoof care provider or veterinarians, each level of education offered by the E.L.P.O. is module based and can be built upon based on the needs of the end user.


The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization offers various certification opportunities for hoof care professionals. Through the implementation of the E.L.P.O. Certification program, we hope to establish improved consistency and quality of excellence around the E.L.P.O. Hoof Care protocol, as well as promote the highest level of professionalism through our network of members.

Study Guides

The following is a list of Study Guide material that you can download or print as you need to.

Category 1 - 4 Courses

Study Guide Videos (Available Online)
  • DVD #1 - Coming Soon!
  • DVD #2 - Coming Soon!
  • DVD #3 & 4 - Hoof Mapping, Barefoot Trimming, & Shoeing Protocol (Updated 2017 Versions)
  • DVD #4-Part B - Forging Modification Demonstrations for Farrier Certification (C. Wiggins) 
  • DVD #5 - Glue & Composite Certification Study Material (D. Bicking)
  • DVD #6 - Coming Soon!
*Additional Study Materials and some Educational DVD's may be sent to course participants once they have registered for one of the E.L.P.O. courses.
Check out the EVENTS page to see upcoming Educational Opportunities.